Friday, 11 February 2011

BBC News: Quiz of the week's news

Old news?

In the spirit of this blog, the BBC each week posts a quiz on the more light-hearted aspects of the week's news.

I scored 6/7, not recognising the true hairline of Margaret Thatcher, mistaking it for Meryl Streep's in the upcoming film The Iron Lady. How appropriate a time to make the film, when we're living in the UK under a government with Thatcherite policies, but probably even more devastating for the common person.

Who did David Cameron ask to be his Tory candidate for the Barnsley Central byelection - by doing so admitting his party has no chance of winning the election, as his choice couldn't possibly be a serious MP.

And in world affairs which country is inspiring women of Belgium to go on strike from having sex until a government is formed?

Take the quiz and see if you can beat me.

1 comment:

  1. I took the quiz. I also got a 6/7. More people should take it!